The girl in a wheelchair kisses the horse and what the horse does in response is magnificent

A video of a horse interacting with a person in a wheelchair is now popular on social media. Horses are supposed to be affectionate creatures, and this video demonstrates that.

If you watch the video, you will observe that a woman in a wheelchair kisses a horse that is chained next to her; when she kisses the horse, the horse quickly jumps up to his head and exerts some power on the leady’s back.

As the wheelchair approaches the horse and the animal places his head on the lady’s shoulder, it seems like the horse is asking for a hug.

This sort of film is very unusual to watch since love is almost extinct in today’s society. A typical animal exhibits this sort of behavior at this time.

There isn’t much information on the video, but it’s one of the most gorgeous films I’ve seen on social media. Also, the video states clearly why it is said that horses are the finest companions of men after dogs, since they can sense men’s emotions.