When surfing, a boy notices an unexpected animal behind him and gets frightened

They had a lovely run-in with a juvenile sea lion while out surfing. However, the surfer first detected something in the water next to him and thought that it was a shark. He was pleased when it turned out to be a newborn seal, but surprised by this unexpected visitor.

Sea lions are common guests at the beach, and surfers are accustomed to seeing them, but seldom does one come so close, much less jump aboard a board! So when the surfer realized it was a little nice pooch, he calmed and went through the motions.

After a few rides, the little creature excitedly got aboard the surf board. The next hour or so was spent surfing, snuggling, playing in the water, riding waves, and resting on the board. They were fortunate to have a Go-Pro camera with them to record the scene and bear witness to the incredible meeting. The juvenile sea lion is a real darling and quite gentle.

This year, it has been regularly stated that the number of ill, sickly, and m.a.l.n.ourished seals and sea lions has increased. Experts in the field are unaware of the exact reason. There are several animal rescue and rehab organizations that assist wildlife officials and ill animals, all of which may use any assistance they can receive. Please consider contributing money, volunteering time, or other resources to help bring these magnificent animals back into shape.

Watch an amazing video of their encounter below!

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When surfing, a boy notices an unexpected animal behind him and gets frightened
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