Funny Moment! Elephant’s Head Vanishes Down The Hole As She Digs For Water(VIDEO)

At a safari park, a dehydrated mother elephant was photographed sinking her head in the sand in front of tourists.

As her youngster looked on, the intelligent elephant was seen digging for water deep in the earth and then putting it into her mouth.

Patrick Ellis, 60, shot the interesting video in South Africa’s northeastern Kruger National Park.

Mr. Ellis was on a safari with his wife, Topaz, and son, Daniel, when he photographed the massive elephant falling to her knees in search of water.

Due to a lack of water in dams and rivers, elephants in Africa regularly seek for water underground with their trunks.

According to witnesses, the elephant plunged its trunk into the deep hole for around 20 minutes.

Elephants require a large amount of food and water due to their size, requiring roughly 40 gallons each day.

Using their trunks to dig for subterranean water sources, they are able to offer water to not just themselves but also many other species during droughts.

During droughts, elephants have been known to wander long distances in search of water.

Last year, a herd of elephants was filmed travelling through Kenya’s ravaged Tsavo National Park in a line before stumbling onto a broken water pipe to quench their thirst.