Farmers found 11 horses trapped in freezing water

We love horses so much, but it is a known fact that horses perish every winter after getting entangled in freezing bodies of water. Horse owners, on the other hand, may lessen the danger by taking precautions to keep their horses safe from ice surfaces or frozen ponds. There are some guidelines for keeping horses safe if you have water features on your horse property.

Use cat litter or stall bedding to generate traction on iced places in barns or along pasture pathways. Both take up water, so you’ll have a major moisture issue later on, but you have to build that traction somehow.

Keep an eye out for regions where ice dams may occur. Pay close attention to drainage in locations where ice dams may develop, and remove ice as quickly as feasible. Unless you remain ahead of the ice dams, they will never melt. You may also fence off ponds, lakes, and other pools of water to keep horses away.

Call 911 if your horse becomes lost in freezing or frigid water. Do not place a collar on the horse or walk into the pond to aid the horse, because if you become trapped, emergency services will focus on rescuing you rather than the horse. After calling 911, gather tools such as chainsaws to clear a path of trees and plants.

You must also do everything to keep the horses warm. Hypothermia is a serious issue, and these horses are much colder than you realize. When the temperature falls below 0°C, the horse maintains heat by increasing its metabolic rate. He will also seek refuge. His blood flow will diminish to allow his limb temperature to drop, and if it becomes too cold, he will begin to shiver. So wrap them with blankets and get them treated by a vet so they can warm up from the inside out.

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Farmers found 11 horses trapped in freezing water
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