A woman rescues a paralyzed horse from a ki.l.l pen and sends a moving letter to the horse’s previous owner

Janine Guido has always adored animals and understood in 2012 that it was her mission to rescue stray animals. She founded Speranza Animal Rescue (which means “hope” in Italian) and has been helping animals ever since.

She saves “underdogs” from high-k.i.l.l shelters and has always cared for animals with health issues that no one else would. This happened again when she went to her first sla.u.g.hter pen to save an elderly horse with neurological difficulties.

She did, however, see a horse laying down in one of the enclosures and had to rescue her as well.

“Today I did something I’ve never done before. I went to a d.e.a.th pen,” Janine wrote, with a moving video of an injured horse she saved. Bethany, the horse she subsequently named, could hardly walk. She saved herself because she knew no one else would.

She then resorted to Facebook to lash out against her prior owner:

“A last stop for the mi.s.t.r.eated . The swollen and broken. I also rescued your horse”I saw your horse among those. Some people were stepping on her. kicking her… And she didn’t do anything.

“I gave your horse a kiss.” She rose up with a struggle, trying to catch her attention.

“I realized then why your horse was there.” Why was she inspected? Why did she refuse to sell. “Why was she heading for sl.a.u.ghter?” Your horse is paralyzed.

“Watching your horse attempt to walk turned my stomach and filled my eyes with tears.”

“Your extremely stunning horse was standing in a pen with others who would not be spared.” Your horse deserved better. She deserved to be loved. She deserved to be treated with decency and respect. I’m sure she handed you this.

“I’m not sure whether your horse can be spared from the misery and suffering she has endured for so long.” But there is one thing I am certain of. Your horse is no longer just another number.

Your horse is now standing in a bedded stall with fresh water and plenty of food-something she was unable to get at the k.i.l.l pen.”

“Your horse has a name now.” She has a large family that adores her. She has a vet team that will do all possible to help her feel at ease. “Most likely for the first time in her life.” And I want you to know that if your horse can’t be saved after years of n.e.g.lect, she will be treated well for a few days before being put down in a kind way.

And I want you to know that your horse has already captivated not just my heart, but the hearts of all the volunteers at the rescue.” And no matter how short or long we have had her, when the time comes to say goodbye, her memories will live on in perpetuity.

“I’m very sorry you were let down, beautiful child. I hope we can assist you. We already adore you, Bethany. ”

Janine also saved Butch, the ‘old plow horse’ with neurological disorders for whom she had gone to the sl.a.u.g.hter pen in the first place. On their free journey to their new home, the rescued horses soon bonded.

A physician and farrier inspected both horses and decided that Bethany had badly foundered. “While there is no treatment, we keep Bethany comfy with pain medicine, experiment with unique shoes, and hope for the best.” We’ll quit trying when Bethany tells us to. “They were really impressed by the way she looked and how her eyes sparkled,” the rescue team said.

Butch had a neurological checkup and blood tests to rule out Lyme illness and EPM. The rescue is still awaiting the findings but has said that they would offer an update as soon as they get them. Janine said that both are in high spirits and are being showered with affection for the first time in their lives.

They are presently quarantined together, and the rescue will continue to take care of them “until they tell us otherwise.”

The non-profit charity shelters a wide range of animals, including agricultural animals, dogs, and even a camel. They made a wishlist of products that people might buy to assist them care for all of the animals.

Janine and all of the volunteers at the rescue are truly heroes, and we thank them for all of their life-saving efforts. More individuals like you are needed in the world!

For more information about Bethany and Butch, like Speranza Animal Rescue on Facebook.

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A woman rescues a paralyzed horse from a ki.l.l pen and sends a moving letter to the horse’s previous owner
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