“Buying the wrong horse”: One of the funniest horse commercials ever

One of the most astounding elements of the animals we all like, horses, is that with their intellect, beauty, flawless attitude, and other characteristics, they have managed to capture the hearts of the public even in sectors where no one anticipated them to penetrate, such as television advertising. Marketers found all of the attributes that horses offer and chose to fully use them in amazing ads, which have since become renowned all over the globe.

I’m sure all equestrians, including myself, like it when ads contain a horse, or at least a horse allusion, while advertising their product or service. They actually make things better simply by being there!

We’ve seen a lot of horse advertising in recent years, particularly during the Super Bowl, when they devote a lot of time to showing these clever and well-thought-out commercials. Most people consider ads to be dull, but I believe we can all agree that ads featuring horses have proved to be highly interesting, and many of them are even very humorous.

The horse ad in the video below is one of the funniest we’ve ever seen. This amusing advertisement, created by an insurance company, depicts the mafia purchasing “the finest race horse” in order to stake all of their money on him, only to discover later that he is a dressage horse. Check out the amusing video below!

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