These wild cats are incredibly uncommon, and if you believe they’re lynx, you’re mistaken

This wild critter with peculiar eyes is charming. And it’s uncommon for anybody to recognize him. After all, leopards, lions, and tigers often get the most attention.

Yet, there are similarly exceptional and beautiful felines who need equal attention.

This endearing predator, about the size of a cat and embellished with exquisite tassels on the ears, will capture everyone’s hearts. This desert cat was a tamed predator in its native environment, which was not surprising.

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! This is an illustration of a caracal.

It is not a lynx, contrary to popular belief. The caracal is smaller, slimmer, and more solid in color. They have a beautiful red color that ranges from light beige to brilliant red depending on their location.

Their name is derived from the Turkish term “karakulak,” which translates literally as “black ears.” Caracals live in trees or burrows that they dig themselves while nursing their young.

Caracals eat rabbits, mice, and birds. The popular assumption that caracals can live for long periods of time without water is not entirely correct. They get liquids from food.

These species were domesticated and used as hunting animals in ancient Iran and India because of their high activity levels at dawn and dusk.