Cat returns home with a message on his collar revealing his “secret life”

Cats are said to be very curious, although they are usually involved in a series of activities that only they can do. Nile is a sweet cat with a well-kept secret, or at least one that has recently been revealed.

Hector Morales, Nilo’s father, adopted him when he was a little cat. He was saved from the streets and now has a secure place to live.

Nile has an irrepressible need to go outdoors, despite the fact that the owner has provided her with a beautiful and warm home.

Héctor enjoys granting Nilo’s liberty, knowing that Nilo was not going very far. However, as the cat got older, he became more bold, and his daily trips expanded in duration.

It didn’t take long at first, but it became longer and longer, and sometimes days would pass without seeing Nilo, which concerned Héctor, who believed he may have gotten misplaced or that someone was stopping him someplace, but he always returned.

“He always returns home as if he had never gone, calmer and fuller.”

This behavior started to raise questions in Héctor’s mind; he was certain that something weird was going on, and he soon found out what it was. Nilo returned home after his latest street adventure one day, but this time there was something unusual; he had a message next to his necklace.

“It was something unbelievable,” Hector remarked.

It came out that Nilo wasn’t all that daring after all, and had been leading a second life under a different identity. A short message attached to the necklace said, “We are Angelo’s second family; when he is not in your home, he is in ours.”

His owner was astonished. However, he felt betrayed since Nilo had duped him, but he reconsidered and the emotion vanished.

“When I reflected on it, I was grateful that another family cared about him and even named him.”

After a few days, Nilo was ready to go out again, so Hector decided to respond by writing a message to the other cat family.

“Can I get your number to depart on vacation?” Hector asked in his message. Nilo ate tuna before leaving.

The incident between Nilo and his two families was rather amusing, but the most important thing was that the cat would be OK in either home.

“Cats determine who they love; we can’t refute it,” Hector added.

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Cat returns home with a message on his collar revealing his “secret life”
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