This video of a girl and her horse reunited will make you cry

This story is about a girl who had to sell her horse, but her parents repurchased him after years, and she was surprised.

Is it possible for a horse to remember its owner? Many experts believe, however, that horses do remember their owners. According to studies conducted over the years, horses recognize their owners in the same way that they remember other horses. Previous experiences, memories, and sensory cues all convey information to the horse about who a person is.

But how is it that a horse can know and remember its owner? Horses, on the other hand, have exceptional memory that enable them to recall people for long periods of time, even after physical separation. This does not, however, imply that a horse will remember every person with whom it comes into contact.

A horse’s link with its favorite human is virtually unshakable once developed. So, even if they are apart for lengthy periods of time, a horse that has formed a close link with its owner is likely to remember them.

Horses learn to anticipate particular actions and routines. When a horse develops an emotional attachment to its owner, it will likely notice when its normal habits are disturbed. They will notice if you do not show up every day, and they will begin to miss you.

This often has a direct influence on their mood, desire to eat, and capacity to participate in activities. When you return, your horse immediately resumes its normal routine, which is a definite indicator that they are glad to see you.

We all have the impression that our horses identify us based on our looks or the sound of our voice, and that they can tell us apart from strangers or less familiar individuals. Horses can perceive human moods and facial expressions, and they can convey their own feelings. While they often communicate through their ears and eyes, they express their emotions via snorts and whinnies.

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This video of a girl and her horse reunited will make you cry
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