This commercial will brighten your day. Naughty horses mock a man’s inability to park

Do you ever have the feeling your horses are teasing you? If so, watch this Volkswagen ad, in which a herd of horses laughs hysterically at a man’s inability to park his car. Backing up a horse trailer may be incredibly difficult and unpleasant, particularly if other people are watching.

You feel humiliated and start to question if you’re doing everything right, placing all the responsibility on yourself. Fitting the trailer into a tiny space takes ability and is challenging, but it gets much more difficult when the audience consists of horses that mock you for not understanding how to park.

These animals have no sympathy for the hapless driver and laugh at him. This bunch of vicious horses puts the rider under a lot of strain and embarrasses him with their loud laughter.

The commercial went viral after receiving millions of views. According to the research organization, the video has “proven to be one of the greatest car videos ever evaluated,” scoring well above average on key parameters such as pleasure, brand fit, and brand attractiveness.

“As a consequence, Volkswagen uploaded the video to, where it has been seen over 2 million times and shared by others.” The video’s success inspired Volkswagen to run it on television, and it has had over 36 million views across all platforms, according to the most recent figure.

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This commercial will brighten your day. Naughty horses mock a man’s inability to park
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