A viral video shows a horse trotting across the ocean to meet dolphins

Horses are amazing animals, gentle and kind. They desire to befriend any animal they come across. This horse traveled to the sea to meet his new closest mates.

A lady riding her horse, Breeze, to the beach was taken aback by what she saw. Breeze decided to have some fun and trotted into the water. However, fins emerged. Most people would be terrified if they saw a fin approaching them. Fortunately, they were swimming near three playful dolphins.

The lady thanked the dolphins and stood there watching them pursue Breeze across the water. The lady once commended the dolphins for their exemplary conduct. Meanwhile, Breeze relished the fresh air and the company of his new buddies.

The animals in this video seem to be having a good time, and a magnificent moment is recorded on tape. If we pause and pay attention, the creatures never cease to astonish us. It’s so incredible that it’s already had over 746,000 views.

Check out the amazing video below!