When an elephant sees his caretaker being at.t.acked, he runs to rescue him

Elephants are known for their capacity to remember, and it seems that this extends to assisting their buddies.

Elephants possess high emotional intelligence as well as empathy.

They have a beautiful look, but their inner world is perhaps more fascinating.
Elephants and humans have surprisingly similar brains. Their neocortex is incredibly complex.

Because of their neocortex, they may feel a wide range of emotions, including sadness, playfulness, and pleasure.

A video clip recently highlighted the elephant’s mind’s capabilities.

Thongsri is a sanctuary elephant from Chiang Mai. She’s a 17-year-old elephant that adores her keeper. She demonstrates genuine sensitivity and devotion to her protector. In the most recent video, Thongsri’s caregiver was seen pretend-fighting with a companion.

Thongsri saw the playfight and raced in to defend her companion. She didn’t want her friend to suffer, so she decided to take action. Thongsri was very worried about her buddy after the incident. She got down on her knees and began checking on the caretaker’s health.

The video clip quickly became popular on the internet. The crowd was affected by Thongsri’s actions. The wonderful elephant looked after her pal.

People wrote a lot of comments about how the elephant treats their caretaker like family and how much it loves her.

Several other experts have already expressed concerns about elephant treatment. They discovered that elephants had recently discarded their habitats as well as their individuality.

Despite the fact that humans have harmed elephants in the past, these magnificent creatures continue to be a source of concern for humans.

This delightful sight has captured the hearts and creative minds of people all across the world, despite the fact that elephants aren’t renowned for being shy. When elephants move in herds, they are often observed assisting those who are still in need.

If one elephant falls, the other elephants in the herd will come to the aid of their wounded partner. If one elephant gets stuck in the mud, the rest of the herd will definitely work together to free the elephant.

Elephants have a high degree of empathy for others as well as emotional intelligence.

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When an elephant sees his caretaker being at.t.acked, he runs to rescue him
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