Garbage collectors were doing their duty when they noticed some noises coming from a plastic bag

Two trash collectors were going about their usual work when they came upon something quite ter.r.ible.

The two employees were going to smash debris in their truck while on a run for their garbage disposal firm when they heard a plaintive howl. When they noticed it was coming from one of the bags, they immediately stopped what they were doing to investigate.

They were surprised when they discovered the noise and glanced into the plastic bag from where it was coming. They were staring at a little, e.m.a.ciated kitten that had been sprayed with gasoline.

Some disgusting human being had chosen not only to actually toss the hapless kitten out, but also to smother her with combustible gas to assure her

It was a nasty and h.o.r.rible act, and there is no explanation for it.

Thankfully, these two heroes were able to save this adorable grey kitten in time. They rushed her to the nearest animal hospital, not hesitating to take time away from their workday to care for the little critter.

The kitten was very dehydrated and hungry. Given how cramped she was and how much poisonous gas she had to breathe in, it’s amazing she was still alive when she was found.

She was given the name Maisy, and she became famous right away, which is how she got the name Miracle Maisy.

She’s doing great and enjoying all of the love, care, and attention she deserves. Her charming personality shines through as well.

She will soon be well enough to be put in her permanent home. We wish Maisy all the love and happiness she deserves and are overjoyed that she will be in the care of folks who adore her.

Without the people who found her and gave her the help she so desperately needed, this would not have been possible.

No animal should be left, and going to such pains to get rid of a helpless newborn creature is disgusting. Just because a person no longer wants an animal does not give them the right to be harsh to an innocent creature. Miracle Maisy is deserving of so much more.

Please spread the word about this story to raise awareness regarding animal ab.a.n.d.onment. It must come to an end.

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Garbage collectors were doing their duty when they noticed some noises coming from a plastic bag
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