The internet has gone crazy over this video! The happy horse and his two friends perform a popular dance

Music tastes and music genres fluctuate with time, and each shift in music is related to the development of new dance movements. A song from the 1980s will sound significantly different from a typical dance from the decade we left behind.

It’s pretty easy; we generally modify our motions to the pace of the music, but in certain films, you don’t have to since the song itself has its own traditional dance.

Remember Gangnam Style, a highly famous dance from the previous decade? The whole globe went wild about it, and you could see a lot of people on social media dancing together because they were having so much fun.

Another horse-related example is the amusing Harlem Shake video created by an Australian horseman who created his own Harlem Shake version using his horses.

And besides, we all know that horses enjoy music and are always happy to participate in such films. Many of them even dance to it, as does our horse in the video below to Watch Me by Silento, another major popular song from the previous decade with a distinctive movement.

The video was very amusing. Horses are quite unexpected and may do a variety of things that surprise and stun us.

Horses are also excellent dancers that like music and cannot stop once they begin. In this video, you’ll see a horse that was planted and neighed with two females.

They all shook their shoulders and swayed to the music in the background, making the video both charming and humorous.

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen, but the fact that this horse is bouncing along with his two little companions is simply beautiful. You can probably find a better dancer than him. Based on previous events, the only thing I can anticipate now is a horse rocking to a Billie Eilish song. I am certainly looking forward to something similar.

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The internet has gone crazy over this video! The happy horse and his two friends perform a popular dance
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