Unusual Friendship Between A little Girl and Wild Fox! Watch a Video Of Their Cute Friendship Moments!

Unusual friendships between people and creatures that are meant to be wild and dangerous frequently inspire us. In truth, when people and animals create connections based on mutual respect and admiration, there are no bounds to their love.

Foxes are commonly thought to be dangerous for human, and if they get into your yard or house, they have been known to attack small children, resulting in serious damage or death. Phoenix, on the other hand, has had the opportunity to form an incredible relationship with a fox, and she has pushed the boundaries of what is considered to be possible between people and these misunderstood species.

You can see how much the fox enjoys playing in this beautiful video. She rolls over to get her belly rubbed, she crawls all over his human friend, and she basically acts like a domesticated pet. It’s simple to see how the two have formed an apparently inseparable friendship.

Phoenix’s mother, Rachel, adds that her daughter’s connection with the fox is rare in Australia:
“In 2015 we had to take in a baby fox. In Australia, foxes are considered to be vermin so there was nowhere else for her to go. I wasn’t going to let her die and I knew that we could give her a great home.”

The fox was given the name Fergie, and while she can be cautious of adults, the attachment she has formed with Phoenix has been incredible. They have total trust in one another and share a unique and special friendship that is quite beautiful to witness.

Phoenix feeds Fergie every morning and engages her in various activities. Foxes, like cats and dogs, require mental stimulation. While foxes should not be kept as pets since they cannot be returned safely into the wild, the family considers themselves happy to have had this experience and formed such a great attachment with Fergie.

Fergie and Phoenix are truly like siblings, and their relationship seems to go from strength to strength. It’s just so wonderful to see such an unusual relationship flourish – thanks so much for sharing it with us Jen and Phoenix!

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Unusual Friendship Between A little Girl and Wild Fox! Watch a Video Of Their Cute Friendship Moments!
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