A baby elephant thanks the wildlife officer in a sweet manner after being reunited with his mother

Though people term them wild, animals appear to grasp much better than us what love and compassion genuinely mean. Even if we don’t share a common language, it doesn’t require words to express thanks, as this charming story demonstrates.

A young elephant thanks the person who saved its life and then reunited it with its mom by gently caressing him in a beautiful sight. The cute moment was captured on video, and it is nothing short of wonderful!

Twitter/Parveen Kaswan

The heartwarming scene happened earlier this year, when a Forestry Services rescue team in Mangal, Tamil Nadu, India, retrieved a missing baby elephant and finally reunited the little calf with its worried mother.

The viral video, which was first uploaded on Twitter by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan, shows the newborn elephant wrapping its trunk around one of the officers’ legs to express thanks for his efforts. “Love has no words,” Kaswan said of the endearing encounter. “A forest ranger cuddles a newborn elephant.” This calf was rescued by the crew, and he was reunited with his mother. ”

The calf is on its way to being reunited with its mother!