A heartwarming footage captures Kham Lha swimming across a river to save her favorite trainer

The breathtaking video shows an elephant trying to save her beloved trainer, whom she fears is drowning.

Kham Lha, an elephant, was seen swimming in a river at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Darrick Thomson, 42, claimed he and Kham Lha had built an ‘irreplaceable attachment’ since she was rescued and returned to the reserve last year.

Elephant Kham Lha wades across a river at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to save her trainer, whom she thought was drowning.

Darrick, a Toronto, Ontario resident, pretends to have trouble in the river, splashes, and shouts for aid.

As he moves toward the riverbank on the other side of the river, the elephant can be seen coming toward him.

When Kham Lha, a five-year-old girl, arrived to visit Darrick, she tried to raise him with her trunk before wrapping one of her legs over him.

Darrick can be seen grinning and looking straight at the camera while holding the elephant’s leg tightly.

When Kham Lha approaches Darrick, she tries to raise him up with her trunk.

She then wraps one of her legs over him in an effort to save him.

“Kham Lha was terribly bad when she came to us,” he claimed.

“She was restrained and subjected to the severe training procedure known as crushing in order to prepare her for a job in the tourism business.”

“We set her free and assisted her recovery.” She got quite close to me, and we developed a great bond. ”

“I traveled down the river to demonstrate how incredible the human-animal bond is.” And that if you offer them warmth and love, they will treat you nicely as well. ”

Young elephants are tied down and bea.ten as part of a cru.el training method called “crushing.”

Darrick believes it demonstrates how extraordinary the elephant-human bond is.

This method is used in Thailand to make elephants safer for tourists to ride and make them more friendly.

Kham Lha, who was rescued, is now free to wander in a secure forest habitat with dozens of other elephants.

An Elephant Nature Park representative said, “We are all very happy with Kham Lha’s progress and how well she has adjusted.”

“She is now a contented baby elephant.” The video demonstrates how close she is to Darrick, and it’s an essential reminder to treat animals with kindness. ”

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A heartwarming footage captures Kham Lha swimming across a river to save her favorite trainer
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