Rescuers didn’t know how to rescue 200 horses trapped on a small island, but soon seven women came up with an idea

When a severe storm brought flooding in 2006, 200 horses were trapped on a small stretch of mud-covered ground.

The story was covered by media outlets all around the world. After 3 days of falling in the same location, the horses could not be saved. Luckily, firefighters and social workers were able to provide them with everything they needed to survive.

Even as the water started to go down, the government couldn’t come up with a plan to save the horses.

They were scared of swimming in the water, making voluntary participation almost impossible.

Then they had an epiphany.

The knights and horses were the first to march across the shallows. The captive horses should follow swiftly due to herd mentality.

Everyone hoped they’d make it to the other side unscathed.

But did they really do it? Happily, the amazing seconds were captured on tape, enabling us to relive them even more than a decade later! Keep your eyes peeled for a life-saving rescue!