Dad justifies allowing a 13-foot pet python to wrap itself around his kid, but people have other opinions about it

Seeing potentially lethal animals interact with children is usually endearing. How many dog owners have been slayed by the beauty of enormous breeds such as German shepherds, Doberman pincers, Great Danes, and so on?

Of course, some cat people don’t understand and believe the baby is in danger, while in fact, the family dog is the child’s guardian.


I’m sure both dog and cat owners would object to this. Millions of people have already voiced their disappointment on the internet. And I must say that I agree with them.


The household pet in this scenario is a snake. A Burmese python, to be exact. Nay-Nay is his name. Honestly, we think his given name should be No-No. As in, this pet is strictly prohibited.

Jamie Guarino, a 34-year-old father from White Lake, Michigan, nurtured Nay-Nay from the time it was the size of a little rubber band.

Guarino sparked outrage when he posted a video of the python playing with 14-month-old Alyssa. It was posted on the Barcroft TV channel and shows Nay-Nay crawling over Alyssa while speaking in a baby voice to both her daughter and the snake.


Yes, it was terrifying on so many levels.

Guarino is an experienced snake handler who boasts of having been a “snake charmer” since he was a teen, according to abc7News. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, Wikipedia has the following to say about snake charmers:

“Snake Charming is the technique of seeming to enchant a snake by performing and waving a pungi.” Handling snakes or doing other potentially hazardous feats, as well as other street performance classics like juggling and sleight of hand, are all part of a regular performance.


Guarino is perplexed by the video’s reception.

“Most individuals respond negatively or fearfully when they view this video. And I have no idea why.” “This is an established phobia, and I believe people have been misled,” he says.

And he has a message for those he believes are indoctrinated.


“Please take a minute to watch this video if you think it’s irresponsible or hazardous. Don’t pass judgment because you’re afraid of something you don’t understand. Snakes can and do show affection. ”


He may have believed so, but many people did, and rightly so, believe he was reckless in his behavior.

Let’s separate sentiments from facts for a bit. Unlike dogs and other big animals that have been raised to be pets—or at least to be near humans—Burmese pythons have not been bred to be pets.


This is what National Geographic says about this snake.

a typically docile disposition…”

“Attacks on handlers, which may be fatal, are not unusual.”

“Burmese pythons are carnivores that eat mostly small animals and birds.”

“They ki.ll by constriction, grabbing a prey with their sharp teeth, coiling their bodies around it, and squeezing it until it suffocates.”


When this film was shot, Alyssa Guarino was a “little mammal.” So it’s hardly unexpected that so many people objected, notwithstanding Guarino’s claim that,

“My daughter was in no way in danger.”

There have also been well-documented occurrences in recent decades in which pythons have kil.pled kids. According to one example published by the New York Times in 1996, the snake mistakenly ate its owner for food.

Guarino attempts to twist these facts into his own.

“According to the data, there are 95% more dog at.t.acks than snake att.acks
Maybe because most people wouldn’t approach a snake close enough for it to

What are your thoughts? Are pythons really simply friendly, misunderstood creatures?

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Dad justifies allowing a 13-foot pet python to wrap itself around his kid, but people have other opinions about it
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