When a bull approaches too close to the water, an enraged elephant reacts in an unusual way

When a buffalo bull came too close for comfort, a furious elephant ended up throwing cold water on him.

The elephant was resting with his family members close to a little puddle of water in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when the bull arrived, much to the elephant’s chagrin.

The African elephant splits the bull with water in its trunk to make it move in front of the camera, but it misses its aim.

The irritated elephant tries to spray water on the bull, who has gotten too close for comfort.

As the bull drinks from a little puddle of water, its baby elephant snuggles close to its dad for safety.

The giant elephant keeps an eye on the bull as they walk away, protecting its baby, who walks in its shadow.

So it doesn’t get beaten, the huge animal starts to blow up the bull. The bull, however, doesn’t seem to care and keeps drinking.

The spectacular images were shot at the historic park, which was established in 1898 to safeguard South Africa’s wildlife.

The region is home to 147 distinct species of animals, 507 birds, 114 reptiles, and 34 amphibians, according to the Kruger National Park website.

The elephant’s trunk drips with water as it tries to douse a buffalo bull that got too close.

The elephant circles the bull, who holds its head and horns low as it passes.