Rare twin foals are born to a beautiful Belgian draft horse (video and photos)

Not long ago, the world became a whole lot prettier — when a stunning Belgian draft horse got pregnant, she gave birth to twin foals, Lisa and Fien. Watch this happy mom and her kids only four days after they were born. They joyously play in their pasture, demonstrating their amazing disposition and increasing family ties.

Lisa and Fien are two gorgeous and very unusual foals! The two newborn Belgian draft horses in this video are twins who are just four days old. For those who are unaware, Belgian draft horses are among the strongest of the heavy breeds, standing between 16 and 17 hands (66 and 68 inches) tall and weighing 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms).

They are still employed as working animals, but they have also gained popularity as show horses and pleasure horses. Belgian horses are capable of pulling enormous loads. A team of two horses in the Heavyweight division pulled 17,000 pounds a distance of 7 ft 2 in at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

But for the time being, Lisa and Fien are as cute as they can be. Their beautiful mother lavishes attention on her youngsters as they breastfeed and joyously cavort in their pasture. It’s a landscape of breathtaking natural beauty! Share this lovely horse family with your friends.


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Rare twin foals are born to a beautiful Belgian draft horse (video and photos)
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