An elephant mom cries for her baby who is trapped in a hole

Elephants are considered to be very intelligent and sociable animals. Therefore, when it comes to their offspring, these magnificent beasts are overprotective and willing to go to any length to keep their calves safe, even if they are from a different herd.

A few months old, an elephant baby became stuck in a concrete pit in Thailand, and its mother urgently tried to assist it. But she can’t do it alone, so she begs for assistance since her baby’s life is in danger. The elephant’s cries for aid drew a crowd of onlookers who had no clue what was going on. However, they quickly recognized that the big elephant was attempting to communicate with them.

Things worsened when the elephant mother went too close to an electric fence. People rushed to switch off the electricity and assist her in regaining consciousness after she passed out. Only then did they know what the elephant’s goals were. When the elephant woke up, she led the people who came to help her to where her defenseless young had been locked up.

For hours, the small calf was stranded in a tiny mud hole. So the rescuers had to act quickly to pull it out, but it wasn’t an easy operation. Scared and tired, the young elephant began to panic, and things couldn’t have gone much worse. The rescue squad began digging around the pit, taking great care not to injure the young calf.

With the elephant mother observing, the group of humans has finally reached the captive youngster. Even though he is fatigued, the little one finds the strength to pull himself out. He’s still bewildered after being rescued since he can’t see his mother, but as soon as he sees her, he runs to her. He knew he was secure again!

Watch the thrilling rescue below.

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An elephant mom cries for her baby who is trapped in a hole
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