Death row dog just found out he’s been adopted, and his reaction is the cutest thing ever

I’ve seen images and videos of shelter dogs on “Freedom Rides” in the past. It’s that magical moment when a dog is adopted or rescued and embarks on a vehicle trip to start his or her new life. But I’d never witnessed a dog’s “freedom walk” before, but Benny’s had me beaming from ear to ear.

Benny is around 8 months old and had previously spent a few weeks at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, before being adopted by a family. Benny is unsure of what to do when his new family first lets him out of his kennel. What exactly is going on? Which path should he take? He’s nervous yet eager.

The video was published on Facebook by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, who wrote:

“Everyone who came by his kennel fell in love with this wonderful little dog.” He struck gold when this lovely family opted to adopt him. Thank you for your contribution! Check out his FREEDOM WALK, which is full of leaps and tail wagging! Benny, have a wonderful life. ”

Benny freaks out the instant they put a leash on him and go towards the front door. The puppy is eager to get out of there. Of course, he takes a small pit break to smell the grass and have a pee, but he’s soon back on his way to his new life!

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