This Maine Coon Cat Is So Big Many People Think That It’s A Dog At First

Cats don’t need much effort to win people’s hearts and become social superstars. There are several pet videos or photos available on the internet today. Some animals, on the other hand, stand out due to their uncommon and unique qualities, as well as their owners’ imagination and care.

This is the story of  Kefir, a cat that lives in Stary Oskol, Russia, with his owner Yuliya Minina. Because of its gigantic size, the cat didn’t take long to stand out. Kefir is 1 year and 9 months old and weighs roughly 26.5 pounds, according to the owner. Yuliya expects the cat to grow even bigger, despite its current size. “It’s usual for Maine Coons to continue to develop until they reach the age of three.”


“It’s interesting to observe how other people react when they see the cat since it’s so big.” Many people think he is a dog.”

This is Kefir, a cat who became well-known due to its enormous size.

Yulia Minina, who lives in the small village of Stary Oskol, got the beautiful cat as a little kitten almost two years ago. Kefir is already one year and nine months old. Kefir was taken from a cattery, according to the owner. They adored how gorgeous and white the cat’s fur was. The name, which means “dairy drink,” comes from this. Kefir refused to eat dry cat food immediately and was only given meat and natural feed.
The Maine Coon cat weights 26.5 pounds and is expected to grow even larger in the future, which is one of the breed’s characteristics.


Kefir is a nice cat that enjoys eating natural food, according to his owner, Yuliya.

The only problem to Kefir’s care, according to Yuliya, is the large amount of wool that the cat leaves around the house. He is, however, treated like a true family member, and usually sits by the table with Yuliya and her family while they eat.

Kefir has developed a tendency of jumping on Yuliya when she sleeps, according to Yuliya. “He didn’t do that when he was younger, and it wouldn’t have been as uncomfortable, but the cat has grown to be rather large and weighty.” It’s not easy to sleep in that position.”

“It’s interesting to observe how other people react when they see the cat since it’s so big. At first glance, many people believe it’s a dog.”


“In the body of a big beast, there is a lovely tiny kitten.”
“However, this is a super-smart cat in general.” It has an unusual ability to sense the prevailing atmosphere in the house. Kefir does not meow, shout, or cause damage to the furniture. “A cat that is simply perfect.”

Image credits: yuliyamnn