Lion and White Tigress Fall in Love – Escape Zoo Together

When it comes to unusual friendships, especially between different animal species, Mother Nature never fails to surprise. A lion falling in love with a tigress, on the other hand, is the last thing on anyone’s mind, yet that’s precisely what this love story is about!

This unusual couple’s life wasn’t always easy. Cameron, the lion, and Zabu, the white tigress, were bred and given birth to ligers in captivity in a zoo in New England (a combination of white lions and tigers).

Luckily, they were rescued in 2004. Things appeared to be going badly for them at the moment. Cameron was underweight for his age, measuring nearly 200 lbs underweight, and Zabu had a genetic flaw. Thanks to the Big Cat Rescue, they are now safe and enjoying their lives. “We built a big natural cage for the two of them to share after Zabu and Cameron were rescued since they are genuinely attached as a couple,” the rescue group posted on social media.
Cameron had to be neutered or forever separated from his love due to a medical condition. “Because of Cameron’s behavior, we only had two options: keep him separated from Zabu for the rest of his life or neuter him,” the rescue added. “It was a simple decision!”

The gorgeous lion lost his mane not long after, but he did get the chance to leave peacefully next to his soulmate. “Without the extra 15 pounds of fur around his neck, Cameron’s mood has mellowed tremendously, and he appears much more at ease in the hot Florida summers.” He’s also become a lot more playful now that he’s not interested in what’s going on in his enclosure,” the rescue group claimed.

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Lion and White Tigress Fall in Love – Escape Zoo Together
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