An Elephant with A Weapon in His Head Cries out For Felp

It is said that Elephants are among the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Not only for his amazing memory, but also for his ability to deal with a wide range of difficulties.

The medics were ready to protect themselves at any time if the animal got hostile, but they quickly realized that this was unnecessary. As soon as the elephant arrived, the doctors realized what had happened.

Something was on his skull…

The elephant, afterwards called Pretty Boy, had gotten himself into trouble, as it turned out. He was in great discomfort because of a horrific bullet wound on his head.

The elephant had been shot in the head and appeared to be near death. It’s a good thing they knew exactly what they needed to do. According to X-rays, the bullet had gone too high. If the poacher’s shot had been a little lower, it would have been deadly.

Pretty Boy was given anesthesia, allowing surgeons to remove the bullet right away. And, thanks to the help of doctors, he would no longer have to bear the most terrible pain from the bullet in his brain for the rest of his life. It is supposed that elephants never forget.

And the people that helped this elephant will be remembered for a long time!

Pretty Boy has a remarkable capacity to distinguish between good doctors and evil poachers who have hurt him. Never put your faith on an elephant’s instincts! Hopefully, Pretty Boy will be able to stay away from elephant-killing creatures in the future. At the very least, he knows where to look for help!

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An Elephant with A Weapon in His Head Cries out For Felp
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