In a Safari, a Wild Lion approaches a Female in a Car

In the Crimean “Taygan Safari” park, Filia the Lion greets tourists in a unique fashion. The 2-year-old beast still believes he’s a cute little cub, insisting on receiving plenty of love from everyone he sees.

Tourists are often cautioned about the city’s cliches.
We follow Philia on her lovely effort to get to know everyone on the safari car going by.

He gets into the car and takes the driver out, insisting on driving before hugging new people. He has no idea how magnificent he is, and he asks every visitor to pet him like a dog.

Tourists are astounded when they learn that they have been discovered in their corner by a massive predator. However, they eventually sense the need for his harmless company and warm up to him.

Philia is lost in happiness in seconds, licking and rubbing the cheeks of tourists like a pet. The king of the jungle appears to be pretty particular about obtaining what he wants.

The driver had to draw Philia into his arms like a toddler because she refuses to let the visitors alone.

The lion eventually leaves the vehicle, eager to kiss his new friends farewell. However, when the car leaves its cab, the poor critter appears to be in bad mood. She’s such a great lover.

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In a Safari, a Wild Lion approaches a Female in a Car
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