After Being Caged for 13 Years , a Circus Lion is Finally Free

Rancho dos Gnomos, an animal refuge in Brazil, recently published a film that brought absolute happiness and empathy. Rancho dos Gnomos is a Brazilian wildlife refuge dedicated to recovering wild exotic animals. They have a well-trained workforce. They try to help animals, especially those that are wild by nature but have been displaced from their native environment or otherwise abused.

A 13 year old Lion is called Will. He’s grown up in a circus. His life has been spent on stage and road. He hasn’t lived in the woods, therefore he doesn’t know how natural surfaces feel. He only knows how concrete or metal feels since he has lived in cages.

This video is so special and touching. Will took his first steps into mud and grass for the first time in his life, and it was captured on camera.

After spending his entire existence in a cage, this was undoubtedly a reviving experience for him.

Will felt grass for the first time in his life Will had never lived in a free and normal environment. It was anticipated that he would take some time to adjust to his new surroundings and circumstances. To everyone’s astonishment, he was thrilled and overjoyed at the idea of being familiar with mud and grass.

He scratched the soil and grass with his pawas. Its softness captivated and delighted him. He was finally near to nature in his native home, free of the cage bars, after 13 years of imprisonment and circus life. Despite his age, he ran and rolled around on the grass, expressing his emotions.

Will was freed from the circus in 2006 and taken in by Rancho dos Gnomos.

Will died in 2011, after spending his years on earth, yet it is good to know that he was able to enjoy his life before passing away.

“Before he died, he lived in peace for five years.” He was able to mingle with other lions while he was there. “He liked to lie on the grass and gaze up at the sky,” Marcos Pompeo, the sanctuary’s director, said.

This video will touch anyone with even a glimmer of empathy and kindness. The Ranchos dos Gnomos staff deserves praise for establishing a safe haven for such creatures and caring for them so well. Will’s response to his release in this video only adds to the importance of Ranchos dos Gnomos’ purpose.

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After Being Caged for 13 Years , a Circus Lion is Finally Free
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