Whale ‘Asks’ for Assistance in Getting The Plastic Bag out of Her Mouth

Marine life is so beautiful and unique with its range of mammals and fish. People have explored a lot of species
during our life but we think that there are a lot of unknown ones.
One of this unique species is Whale, the world’s largest mammal. Although it is supposed to be dangerous, and when
meeting him, we should be careful, but there are cases when they are sociable and kind.

Here is a story about whale who was in trouble and was asking for help.

A whale was caught ‘begging’ for assistance in removing a plastic bag from her mouth. She not only did that, but she also posed for selfies when the bag was removed.

The crew of fishermen who helped the creature first saw her after she bumped their boat in Middle Harbour, north of Sydney, to get their attention. She then swam below the boat after circling it.

The men then discovered she had garbage bags and fishing line stuck in her mouth, and one of them, Ivan Iskenderian, scrambled to get them out.

Ivan’s 17-year-old companion Michael Riggio took a few selfies with the whale, while another fisherman, Ron Kovacs, captured part of the encounter from a different boat. The whale was then observed flapping her fin and swimming away, as if to express her gratitude to the fishermen.

‘It was strange,’ Ivan said, describing the experience as ‘unbelievable.’ We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.’ ‘He just raised his head up so you could reach out and retrieve the rubbish,’ said the other fisherman, Rob. He attempted to board my boat, but we are a little higher.

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Whale ‘Asks’ for Assistance in Getting The Plastic Bag out of Her Mouth
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