Circus Lion Who is Separated From Her Cubs, Refuses to Live Without Them

Every circus that employs any animal as a form of entertainment, in my opinion, should be shut down. Animals should not be used as pawns for human amusement, and anyone who entrap and harm animals for this reason should be prosecuted by the proper authorities.

Wild creatures such as lions have no place in the circus. They should be allowed to wander freely over the wide African savannahs, hunting their prey and live as nature intended. Not intended to jump through hoops or engage in combat with humans.

You’d think that when this lioness was rescued from the circus, she’d be relieved. However, her rescuers discovered that the circus owners had taken her cubs.

Animal rescuers in Peru worked hard to save the animals from this circus. They discovered they had four adult lions and two pups at first. The circus, however, refused to give up the babies, allowing rescuers to capture only three lions.

Kiara, the lioness, was heartbroken after being ejected from the circus without her babies. She refused to eat or sleep in her new home, and it appeared that she would not be content until she was reunited with her pups.

Imagine the circus refusing to hand up Kiara’s cubs in addition to taking her of her freedom. But the rescuers were more eager than ever to save Kiara and return for the cubs they had to leave.

The circus from which Kiara had been rescued had run into trouble due to a strange turn of events. One of the lions had harmed a member of the crowd, and the lion was on the verge of being put down.

This allowed rescuers the authority they needed to return to the circus and save both the lion and Kiara’s pups.

Kiara was reunited with her cubs, and she no longer needs to face the terrible pain of being away from her cubs.

While this is a happy ending to one story, we can’t rest on our laurels and expect similar outcomes in other rescues. We must do everything possible to boycott circuses and demonstrate to these persons that mistreating animals for human enjoyment is unacceptably cruel.

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Circus Lion Who is Separated From Her Cubs, Refuses to Live Without Them
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