A Touching Video of a Blind Elephant Who Was Greeted and Welcomed from The Herd

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Many people rely on their eyes to observe and sort things out in their surroundings, but this is not the case with Ploy Thong, the elephant. A rescued elephant receives a loving welcome she never imagined at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, in one of the most remarkable expressions of empathy that vast life has to give.

Before being rescued and taken to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, the 30-year-old female elephant lived her whole life in a circus. Ploy Thong’s story is one of the saddest.

But, thankfully, it all came to an end when she was discovered and saved by Save Elephant Foundation volunteers. For many years, the blind animal in Thailand’s Pattaya region carried tourists on her back.

All of this happened against her choice, but happily, it’s all behind her now. This is due to the fact that Ploy Thong is now a resident of this compassionate elephant sanctuary.

Here is the gentle giant, Ploy Thong!

A beautiful scene occurred not long after her arrival at the sanctuary, and it was the moment the Ploy Thong was greeted by the herd group.

Ploy Thong, who was completely blind, began sending mild vibrations to alert the elephants that she was there. What followed was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever witnessed, as the entire herd went down to her and extended a hand of sympathy to the rescued blind elephant.

According to a member of the Save Elephant Foundation’s staff, despite the elephant’s two eyes being blind, she transports visitors every day. “Each day, she was saddled early and transported visitors till the sun set. She achieved this by smelling the road with her trunk while the rider rode on her back, but she had no idea that her freedom journey had begun.”

The adorable moment was captured on video! The elephant had been lonely for much of her life, but the herd at the elephant refuge gave her the greatest welcome.

Take a look at this lovely moment:
It only took a few minutes for the elephant to realize she had arrived to the spot where she would find the love and comfort she had never known.

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A Touching Video of a Blind Elephant Who Was Greeted and Welcomed from The Herd
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