A Cute Baby Elephant Blocks a Road In a Natural Reserve To Play In The Sand

Elephants are amazing animals and they are considered to be one of the most sociable creatures. They are divided into three species: African Savanna Elephants, African Forest Elephants, and Asian Elephants. Elephants are distinguished from other land animals by their massive body, large ears, and lengthy trunks.

Elephants use their trunks to pick up objects in their environment, blast warnings, meet other elephants, and even drink or bathe. African elephants, both male and female, have tusks.

Elephants have a fantastic sense of humor and are usually up for a good time, despite their immense size. Elephants have a lengthy life span of up to 70 years, during which time they create extremely close family bonds.

There is lots of potential for enjoyment and closeness with such a high life expectancy and strong social bonds. Elephants, like humans, can’t get enough of a good old-fashioned game.

The newborn calf seemed unconcerned with the visitors’ presence in this now-viral video, as he is shown joyfully rolling around on the sand directly in front of their vehicle on the beach. The scene was recorded on video by one of the witnesses, and it is nothing short of cute overload!

Even though it caused a traffic jam, tourists in safari vehicles couldn’t get enough of the energetic elephant. The baby elephant, to everyone’s joy, continued up his delightful game, and the visitors were similarly thrilled as long as he remained rolling around in the sand.

He cheerfully raised his trunk into the air while sitting on his tummy with his legs splayed out. The lovely elephant then suddenly decided that enough was enough.
Then he got up and proudly stared at the tourists, letting everyone know that this was his playground, not the road. He moved into the bushes after making that apparent.

Not to mention how intrigued and spellbound they were by the spectacular scene that had just happened in front of them. Brett Berenson, another photographer who recorded the event on film, remarked, “It was a beautiful sight to witness.”

“I couldn’t believe it because of how lucky we were.”

From a young age, elephant calves love playing with one another. They begin the process of forming lasting connections from the minute they are born.

Elephants have become extinct in Africa and Asia, where they formerly thrived, due to the illegal ivory trade. Insatiable Asian market demand for ivory contributed to the rapid decline of wild populations in the twentieth century.

African elephant herds have decreased by more than 70% in the last 40 years, compared to the 1.3 million elephants that inhabited the continent in 1979. On both continents, less than half a million people remain.

Elephants are threatened by three key factors: habitat loss and degradation, illegal wildlife trade, and human-animal conflict.

Check out the cutes video of baby elephant below!

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A Cute Baby Elephant Blocks a Road In a Natural Reserve To Play In The Sand
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