Elephant Starts Crying When Realizes That He Is Finally Free

Humans have respected and adored elephants for thousands of years. It’s not difficult to figure out why.

They were formerly loved and admired for their enormous size and magnificent appearance. However, when we learn more about these incredible creatures, we discover even more reasons to love them.

Elephants are recognized for being gentle giants, despite their size. They’ve been known to help or save other creatures, even people.
Unfortunately, neither their small nor their kindness have saved them from human greed. While they  have natural predators in the wild, we humans have played an important role in their suffering.
While they  have natural predators in the wild, we humans have played an important role in their suffering.
They have been listed as an endangered species because to the ivory trade and habitat loss. Humans also employ them to make money at carnivals, as rides, and as tourist attractions.

These magnificent individuals are put to terrible conditions on a daily basis in order to break their will. Thankfully, there are several groups and organisations devoted to saving these elephants and providing them with the life they deserve.

One of these elephants, Raju, was rescued from slavery. His sad story went viral a few years ago, and happily, things have changed for the better in his life since then.

Raju wandered the streets for five decades in search of charity for his owner. He was held in iron chains when he wasn’t roaming the streets.

The elephant was rescued from the streets of Allahabad and sent to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura to begin his recovery. And it was there that he found what it was like to live life once more.

He discovered what it was like to live a peaceful and joyful life in freedom again there. More significantly, he rediscovered his ability to trust and love humanity.
His change has been nothing short of a miracle. It only goes to show that elephants are among of the strongest and most persistent animals on the planet, capable of overcoming challenges that no one should ever have to face.

However, Raju’s rescue is one of the most heartbreaking and dramatic parts of his journey, for both him and his rescuers. There are no words to explain Raju’s gratitude, relief, and delight at the time.

“It was really emotional,” Wildlife SOS UK’s Pooja Binepal remarked. “The team was taken aback when they saw tears streaming down his cheeks during the rescue. We had a feeling he sensed he was being let free. Elephants are not only beautiful, but they are also very intellectual animals that have been shown to experience sadness, so we can only imagine what he’s gone through over the past half-century.”

Thankfully, Raju is no longer tied. He’s now living the joyful life he deserves, and he’ll be able to spend the rest of his days in peace.

However, there are still many Raju’s out there, elephants that are still kept in captivity and are still being harmed by people who are solely interested in making a profit from them. Hopefully, it is still possible to offer them a second chance of a peaceful existence.

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Elephant Starts Crying When Realizes That He Is Finally Free
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