Retired Engineer Rescues Injured Fox Who Now Lives With Him

Cropper, a red fox found on the side of the road near Turnbridge Wells, England, was saved by The Fox Project. The rescue could not allow him return to the wild since he was terribly damaged and unwell . As a result, they only had two options: put him down or find him a home. Finding a home for a wild animal was extremely difficult. Everything was stuck until retired engineer Mike Trowler arrived.

Mike stated the fox behavior impressed him and that he spent his time engaging with them. Mike brought Cropper home and nursed him back to health as a result. He aids orphaned fox pups and nurtures them until they can be released back into the wild, in addition to caring for injured foxes.

Cropper was cared for by Mike’s patience, love, and tenacity during his stay at his new home, and he became a member of Mike’s family. He liked to snuggle up with Mike and steal food from the dog’s bowl. He also liked to play with the cats. The two established an odd bond immediately, and their extraordinary story is shown in the video below.

Below is a video of Mike and Cropper.

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Retired Engineer Rescues Injured Fox Who Now Lives With Him
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