During a Wildfire, a Firefighter Rescues a Cat, Who Now Refuses to Leave His Side

We often observe good relations between animals of various kinds. This, on the other hand, is a completely different story. A cat that saved her life by meeting a fireman.

Ryan Coleman is a Fairview Valley engine captain. It is, in fact, a fire department in California. Ryan shared a video of a cat which refused to be separated from him on Facebook. Many people were affected by this video.

Ryan rescued the life of this cat four years ago, in the year 2018, when she was caught in the center of a fire.

His post clearly demonstrates that the cat does not want to be apart from him, even when he is working. As a result, he proceeded to do his work, despite the fact that the cat was following him.

He said that the unhappy cat was merely staying on it to cool down during his walk.

Ryan chats to her in a lovely video and asks her where she wants to go for a stroll.

During their hugs, both appear to be overjoyed.

People put a lot of comments on this video, and many of them wrote to Ryan asking him to bring the cat home. However, because to the size of the flames, he was forced to stay and complete a massive task.

Many people have shown an interest in owning this wonderful kitty. Some just advised Ryan to keep her if no one inquired about her. The reason behind this is because this cat clearly adores him.

Ryan is a huge supporter of both cats and other animals, in addition to being a wonderful man.

He also has photographs of dogs and goats that he publishes.

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During a Wildfire, a Firefighter Rescues a Cat, Who Now Refuses to Leave His Side
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