A Cute Lion Cub Falls on The Ground And Runs To His Father For Compassion

A cub discovered sleeping in a tree has been brought to the ground and comforted by his father.

Photographer Sonia Rousseau took these photos early this year while visiting the Kicheche-Ola-Reki Motorogi Conservancy in Keyna.

A lion cub is shown climbing up onto a tree branch before losing its grasp and falling to the ground below.

The cub then appears to be feeling bad for itself before going over to be comforted by its father.
“I’m always enthusiastic about what can happen, and today was one of the spectacular mornings,” Sonia, a Parisian and money manager who also works part-time in picture editing, said.

“As we came closer, we noticed the little cub perched on the tree’s limbs.

“It was hanging from the tree by its front legs after a few seconds, then collapsed to all fours and went over to its father’s comfort.”