Khum Min The Elephant Cries After Being Freed From Chains(Video)

Khum Min is an Asian elephant that was set for a life of confinement at a trekking camp until he was rescued and freed. Khum Min didn’t live in metaphorical chains; he lived in real chains. This might have gone on forever if it hadn’t been for the activity and affection of a small minority of people.

The glorious moment he is freed from his chains will make you cry.

Khum Min was a trekker who resided in a hiking camp. Elephant riding, sometimes known as “elephant trekking,” is a popular tourist activity in Thailand. The elephants might suffer a lot behind the scenes at these trekking sites.

They’ve been in a bad condition, are overworked, and their health and happiness aren’t often a top priority. One of these hiking camps was visited by a group of people who were able to save Khum Min’s life. The gang went beside Khum Min till they arrived at the Northern Thailand release location.

When Khum Min arrived at the release location, the gang began removing his chains one by one.
Khum Min’s first step toward total liberation is to be free of his bonds. Khum Min’s saviors are clear animal enthusiasts who inform Khum Min about their every move. They even make a point of stroking his trunk to comfort him. They don’t want Khum Min to be afraid any longer.

They begin by removing the chains that are around his neck, then go on to the chains that round his feet. While they remove his chains, Khum Min does not move in any manner and patiently waits. This is an elephant who is eager to go free. The lady who is patting Khum Min’s trunk informs him, “It takes a bit of a patient to get Khum Min out of his chains.”

“…you’re a lovely young boy, aren’t you?” You’re going to have a good life”

They release one foot after a bit of an effort to remove his chains. Khum Min takes a stride without being informed the minute the chain is removed. He takes his first free and unchained step. What an incredible experience. The remaining shackles are quickly released, and Khum Min is officially a free elephant.

The group erupts into cheers of freedom for Khum Min.

Khum Min begins his journey into his new life. So he won’t be alone, he’s led to a herd of elephants in a remote village.

“By supporting these  elephants  with a secure, happy herd habitat, it is believed that breeding would happen.”

Because Asian elephants are an endangered species, it is essential to breed them free. The current Asian elephant population is believed to be less than 50,000. Hopefully, this group’s efforts, as well as those of other groups like Elephant Voices, can help conserve more Asian elephants.

The gang watches Khum Min walk away with tears in his eyes, but they know he is on his way to a better life.
They will never forget that moment, and neither will Khum Min. He will be able to live his life as he was intended. Khum Min, have a safe voyage and a wonderful new life.

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