Baby Elephant Thrown Aside By His Herd Is Lonely and Depressed Until He Meets An Unlikely New Friend

It all started with a newborn elephant named Ellie, and it’s a story about birth, struggle, growing up, and the worst things of life.  Ellie the African Elephant had the worst possible start in life. Ellie wasn’t in the finest of shape when she was brought into the Thula Thula game reserve after being left.

He had an umbilical hernia, which is an elephant’s equivalent of a  d.e.a.t.h.
The Thula Thula game reserve is a wildlife rescue center in South Africa. Rhinos, zebras, buffalo, and a variety of other animals share Ellie’s home. Having a place to stay does not, however, ensure everyone’s safety.

Ellie’s umbilical hernia was causing the calf a lot of pain. Both the Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana) and the Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) are highly intelligent African elephants.

These trunked giants are extraordinarily sociable creatures who are nearly as prone to mental health issues as humans.

When elephants die, they are known to grieve for one another, and a newborn calf’s link with fellow herd members is extremely important. A newborn elephant’s mental health would be severely harmed by having such a severe sickness without the presence of a natural herd. For Ellie, this was true.

Ellie’s handlers at Thula Thula Reserve went above and beyond to assist her. Ellie’s mental health was also worsening as a result of her umbilical hernia, which needed to be repaired right away. He wouldn’t eat, and he almost certainly felt that overwhelming loneliness on a daily basis.

Ellie was able to eat something thanks to a combination of boiled rice, minerals, and coconut milk.

Sure, it’s not the most appetizing dish, but it’s better than nothing.

Ellie was still struggling to cope with the stress of being left. His actions and attitude revealed that he was still depressed. All that food won’t help if you’re still as lonely as before. The wildlife reserve’s staff had a solution in mind.

Duma, a German Shepherd, was introduced to Ellie. Dogs excel at one thing: being companions, and Duma was no exception.

Ellie no longer had to be lonely because Duma had shown her what it was like to have a buddy.
For the following few months, Duma kept Ellie company. Ellie was showing symptoms of becoming more active and confident as long as they were together, so the two created a friendship that meant the world to her.

This was the start of Ellie’s future plan. They hoped that Ellie would grow up and be released to the wild, where he could create his own herd. This, however, was by no means a guarantee.

Ellie had made considerable progress in the last three months, but things were not going to be easy.
The elephant calf relapsed after 5 months, and while Duma’s and the sanctuary’s attention and care helped a lot, it wasn’t enough to save the poor elephant’s life.

Ellie then p.a.s.s.e.d  away at the age of less than a year, much to the sadness of everyone who knew him. Even though his time on Earth was brief, he learned to be loved and cared for.

Above all, he understood what it was like to love someone else.
Bittersweet isn’t even close to describing the situation, but that’s how wild animals are.

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Baby Elephant Thrown Aside By His Herd Is Lonely and Depressed Until He Meets An Unlikely New Friend
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