The lion shocks the photographer with a terrifying roar, then winks and smiles at him

In Kenya, a wildlife photographer experienced the “shock of his life” when he went too close to a lion before it gave out a tremendous roar and showed him a naughty grin, according to kingdomstv.

Gren Sowerby, 69, is living the dream, photographing animals, landscapes, and people all around the globe.

On a safari in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, he moved too close to the huge cat, which unexpectedly flashed its dazzling whites and let out a tremendous scream.

While he was first terrified, he proceeded to photograph the fe.rocious beast and was astounded when it smiled at him.

It’s no wonder that these amazing photographs have just gone viral!

“He roared to say, ‘I’m the King of the Jungle,’ and then he grinned at me, as when someone winks at you to say, ‘Lol!'”

“I was around 10-15 meters away, and he was with a lioness that was crossing a creek.” “They had a k.i.l.l in the bushes, and I guess he let out a roar, perhaps to signify he was full!” Sowerby said.

“I was astounded by his sheer size and magnitude.” It was pretty amazing for him to let off such a tremendous boom after being so motionless and quiet.”

Sowerby has been a professional photographer for nearly 37 years!

He said that capturing “The King of the Jungle” is “always something you have to do,” and he is happy that he was able to do it.

The photographer, from Whitley Bay in Northumberland, said that he was “very thrilled with the images” and had just looked at them thoroughly after returning home.

‘I go on these excursions on a regular basis and love shooting animals.’ They grew up in the safari area, so they’re accustomed to automobiles and people. ‘

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The lion shocks the photographer with a terrifying roar, then winks and smiles at him
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