MEET Biggest Golden Maine Coon Cats Family so Adorable (VIDEO)

We used to have one at our old house, and they liked to hunt at night, which scared me. I eventually decided to go to the pet store and buy a few mice to release in the backyard. He avoided walking the streets since he was on the lookout for them. They are natural predators who will chase prey in whatever way they can. It’s better to keep it to your backyard, particularly if it’s walled in.

I had once a Main Coon it was the such beautiful loving affectionate cat and everything i heard on this video is true . His name was Pretty Boy he would follow me everywhere and he loved when I brushed him . At night he would lay on his window seat to wait for me to come home from work and when he saw me driving up he ran to the door to greet me . I will never forget this special cat ,I never had one like him and now sad to say he is in Cat-Heaven.

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MEET Biggest Golden Maine Coon Cats Family so Adorable (VIDEO)
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