These Two Bears Shake Their Hands Like Humans! Click Below To See More Images

This is an unbelievable image of two bear cubs shaking hands as if they were human brothers.

The charming photos were taken in Kamchatka, Russia, and have echoes of the classic animated Disney feature.

Like in the famous Hollywood film, the cubs can be heard talking in each other’s ears.

The adorable duo then appear to ponder on their decision as they stand in the rushing waters of Kuril Lake, with one offering his outstretched paw.

“At first, it appeared that they had gotten into a little argument,” said Sergey Ivanov, a 52-year-old professional photographer. The cub on the right then appeared to settle down and extend his paw toward the other cub in a conciliatory manner.

“It appeared to be a meeting between two close friends, complete with handshakes.”

A young Indian brave gets converted into a bear in Disney’s movie Brother Bear, and he enlists the help of a real bear cub to help him transform back into a human.

Sergey from Kirov, Russia, adds, “Bears are undoubtedly my favorite creatures.” “Every year, I travel to Kamchatka to photograph and observe brown bears.

“I miss witnessing their lives unfold when I’m at home — it’s a fantastic experience to witness in person.”