American Tourists Were Terrified When Cheetah Jumped on Their Car! Look How They Reacted (Video)

A cheetah jumped on an American tourist Jeep, turning a Serengeti safari into something considerably more terrifying.

A breathtaking video captures the moment a cheetah climbed onto an open-top car and glanced down on the shivering passengers below.

The footage shows a cheetah going up to the automobile and leaping on it, shot from a few cars back in the safari caravan. Jennifer Shimek, who was traveling through Botswana with her family when the once-in-a-lifetime event occurred.

In the footage, Shimek can be heard exclaiming, ‘Oh my goodness.’ ‘He’s perched on the car!’ He’s going to jump right in!’

The cheetah took a leisurely walk over the Jeep’s awning before resting down, completely oblivious to the commotion.

When Shimek’s 17-year-old daughter Kaitlin, who was taping the situation, noticed her mother’s scared response, she came out laughing.

Shimek remarked, ‘I couldn’t believe it.’ ‘I was terrified and hoped it wouldn’t approach near our car.’
According to the mother, she asked the guide what they should do if a cheetah climbed inside their car, and his answer surprised her.

“Sit totally still,” the guide instructed. According to Shimek, I said, “Are you insane?” “Because of the other creatures surrounding,” he continued, “getting out of the car might be substantially more dangerous.”

‘I was afraid at the moment, but it was really great to witness how gorgeous this cheetah was and to be so near to it,’ Shimek recounted.

Shimek was on a nine-day vacation of Tanzania with her husband Rich and their 17-year-old twins Kaitlin and Ryan when the meeting occurred.

The Shimeks saw some of Tanzania’s most well-known sights, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Tarangire National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater, but she preferred the Serengeti safari.

‘Everyone knows I adore animals and am a major animal lover,’ Shimek remarked. ‘It was breathtaking when we first arrived to the park.’ Animals, creatures, animals! ‘And we were almost touching them!’ Shimek remarked.

‘There were a couple of elephants very near to the safari truck.’ Giraffes were munching on the leaves of the trees. Zebras and their young were crossing the road in front of our cars. Wildebeest were moving from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara Serengeti in Kenya.’

The family had another terrifying experience with animals in Tarangire, when a “grumpy old elephant” chased them.
‘I was terrified,’ Shimek recounted, “screaming to our guide, “Go, go, go!”

‘As we raced, the elephant’s ears were out, and he was making quite a racket. He was irritated because we attempted to pass him in our Land Rover on the road. Of course, I wish I had footage of it,’ she said.

The trip, according to Shimek, a partner at an accounting company, was a “really life-changing event.”

She went on to add how thankful she is that the family was allowed to return to Summit, New Jersey, and that they are already planning a trip to Tanzania.

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American Tourists Were Terrified When Cheetah Jumped on Their Car! Look How They Reacted (Video)
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