Mama Bobcat and her three active kittens are captured on video during an endearing “porch visit” by a woman

Strange and bizarre things will make their way to you. Like these bobcats that showed up on a woman’s porch.


Kathy Maniscalco is a New Mexico artist who lives in El Dorado, Santa Fe. With about 3,000 dwellings, this area is mostly made up of inhabitants. So seeing a mama Bobcat and her babies on her doorstep one morning astonished her.


She photographed them while trying not to startle them.


Bobcats are nocturnal and secretive creatures.

They are seldom seen by humans. They do, however, like traveling about the nation, particularly in the north. They flourish in a variety of environments, including suburban regions. With a population of up to one million people in the United States alone, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a bobcat.


This bobcat visit to Kathy’s house is nonetheless unusual since it occurred during the day.


And, as you can see, they’re just magnificent. Bobcats may grow to be double the size of an average house cat. Their long legs, huge paws, and tufted ears give them a distinctive appearance, similar to that of a leopard or lynx. They are also feared hunters, with a powerful strike and a high-leaping pounce.

This group, on the other hand, was friendly and fun.


There was some hissing at first. The Mama bobcat is probably just warning Kathy not to bother them. It was obviously time for a snack.

The kittens delighted in their Mama’s milk.


The mom merely laid down and let the children take their time.

When meal time was over, they snuggled up close to each other as their mother cleaned them.


One of them, on the other hand, was a little more fun. It woke up its kitten sibling to go have a play battle. The unexpected visit was a sweet moment.

We’re pleased Kathy was able to record it; it’s no surprise it went viral.

People even messaged her individually to thank her for sharing this amazing experience.


“I’ve had absolute strangers thank me on Facebook Messenger for sharing these because they just wanted to see something lovely in nature like this to help them get through these difficult times,” she told KOB4 News.

She also photographed the bobcats, who seem majestic.

They seem to have posed for the shot!

Kathy was so moved by the experience that she created this photograph to commemorate it. Sadly, she removed the picture from her social media accounts. But we’re sure Kathy’s artwork on pet or animal images looked fantastic!

Finally, Kathy said that this incident may have conveyed a message to her and everyone else.

“I thought to myself, ‘Oh, this is too wonderful to be true!'”What a blessing!” And they were so at ease, and I thought, ‘Maybe this is a message for all of us to just relax,'” she said.

Watch the video below and be amazed by these adorable bobcats!

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Mama Bobcat and her three active kittens are captured on video during an endearing “porch visit” by a woman
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