Tiger Tries To Block Elephant’s Path! Look What Does Elephant

A tiger and an elephant had an interesting meeting, which was recorded on camera. In The video  a tiger blocks an elephant’s path.

The video depicts how two animals interact with one other when they are confronted with each other in the woods. The video, which was shared on Twitter by actress Dia Mirza, has gotten a lot of attention.

The relationship between an elephant and a tiger thrilled viewers, who hurried to the comments area to share their ideas. In the 21-second footage, the elephant is seen having a leisurely walk.

Dia Mirza posted a link to the video with the hashtag “Sanctuary Asia” and a request for the person who recorded it.

The elephant moves closer to the woodland path, while the tiger sits in the center of the road. The tiger then swings around to observe the elephant coming from the other direction along the trail. The tiger suddenly rises to its feet and escapes into the jungle, clearing the way for the elephant to pass.

The video has over 1,000 views and over 4000 likes after being posted on Twitter. People were enthralled by the video and expressed their opinions in the comments area.

Some individuals said the movie showed who the true ruler of the woods is, while others spoke of forest harmony. “This demonstrates who is the king of the jungle,” one user said.

We must also remember that both the tiger and the elephant are symbols of our nation. “We must safeguard them from damage.” He is the true monarch. Nobody is going to be able to stop him.”

“Peaceful coexistence,” said another user. They don’t battle for power or ego as we do.” Another person remarked, “They appreciate their ecological and physical areas.” Take a look at some of the user responses.

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Tiger Tries To Block Elephant’s Path! Look What Does Elephant
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