Video Of Elephants Pushing Tourist’s Car Into a Ditch

As they strive to clear their migratory path, five adult elephants push a vehicle into a field and shove another off the road.

The 2.7-tonne animals, which are each twice as massive as a truck, charge the empty vehicles at Brys caverns in Uttarakhand, northern India, and destroy one of the rear windows, according to shocking video footage.

They were parked along the elephant migratory path between Rajaji National Park in the state’s west and Nepal’s Tarai region.

Four elders, three adult females, and their babies are shown in this video. As they approach a white automobile, one elephant bangs into its side and pushes it across the road, followed by two other adults and their calves.

The angry animals throw it into a ditch and over the road, where they trumpet and go on their journey.

A vehicle siren and engine roaring can be heard in the background as people attempt to distract the elephants away from their automobiles.

Another car can be seen reversing at the top of the road as the elephants approach.

Elephants have att.a.c.k.ed  people in this part of India before, but they are usually scared and not dangerous.

In March, a bull elephant in Jim Corbett National Park, where the caverns are situated, was recorded on camera pulling a car.

As the elephant approaches, the passengers escape and take refuge behind the van.

In December 2017, a bull elephant was caught shaking a car on the road before pulling bags on the top.

Elephants from Rajaji National Park go around 130 kilometers to Nepal’s Tarai district.

They’ve also been seen passing through the Sonandi Wildlife Reserve, which connects Rajaji and Corbett National Parks.

Their population is aproximately 450 to 550 individuals.

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Video Of Elephants Pushing Tourist’s Car Into a Ditch
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