Mom Elephant Protects Her Calf From Tourists

A mom elephant is seen pushing her baby away from a bunch of people .  “Don’t talk with people,” she seems to be saying.

Elephant babies, like any other infant, are typically curious. They’re pondering why their noses are so long, why they can’t get into the old tub, or why they won’t be leaving the mud stain.

When the baby  spots a bunch of visitors, he immediately wants to explore. His mom, on the other hand, was of a different mind. She snatches her small one away as swiftly as she can in an overprotective attitude.

The footage was filmed in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.  The rangers, too, were captivated by this protective parent. It was “almost as though she was saying, ‘Don’t talk to strangers,'” they noted in the video’s caption.

The infant, puzzled, chose to deny his mother. Mom, after all, always knows what’s best. You’re doing a great job as a parent. It didn’t bother the mother in the least. She, on the other hand, calmly and efficiently turned the calf’s attention away from the danger.

Check out this overprotective mother in the video below!

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Mom Elephant Protects Her Calf From Tourists
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