Amazing Photos of an Elephant Who Successfully Passes Through a Barbed Wire Barrier

The stunning scene when  the elephant easily walks over a barbwire fence set up by a landowner in Africa has been recorded on camera.

Instead of trampling through everything in its way, the four-ton creature has decided to investigate Africa by hopping over fences. Lift the front right leg over the wire without touching it, then the left leg, before continuing the operation with the hind legs.

Nellie’s images demonstrate that she values her surroundings and does not want to be made responsible for any harm. Elephants are known for their intellect and ability to overcome difficulties, as Nellie’s actions indicates.

According to Indri Ultimate Wildlife Tours in Cape Town, South Africa, who uploaded the photos on Facebook, “our reaction while gazing at these pictures is one of great respect.”

Scientists who have examined elephants’ brains when presented with threat will not be surprised by their findings, since it comes as no surprise to them. Elephants can overcome not just fences, but also droughts, because to their ability to recall.

The hypothesis goes that elder females remember previous, more severe droughts and how the elephants survived.

The female’s body temperature is closest to perfect, while the male’s body temperature stays below normal. So , they will be more inclined to seek out distant food and clean water sources, increasing their chances of survival as climate change threatens their natural habitats.

Nellie, on the other hand, isn’t the only elephant aiming to cross Africa without difficulty.

A footage of a second elephant evading an electric fence in the Kruger National Park in Mpumalanga also went viral.

The naughty little elephant has returned, this time hopping a fence to pull a branch from a beloved marula fruit tree in a home’s garden.

The elephant is definitely attempting to forget about being captured or zapped by an awful barrier.

Despite the fact that no electricity is being supplied via the electric fence, the young male cautiously elevates both legs above the wire after finishing his food.

‘It was strange to see the elephant do this, but it’s marula fruit season, and elephants love them,’ said journalist Magdel van den Berg, who captured the baby elephant on camera. He was familiar with the barrier because he was a frequent visitor to the area.

‘It was interesting to see an animal develop and implement a path around the barriers,’ says the landowner, adding that he went up hills and over other fences. He’s a pretty active youngster.’

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Amazing Photos of an Elephant Who Successfully Passes Through a Barbed Wire Barrier
After years apart, the mother elephant and her daughter reconnect, and their reunion is quite emotional