Cute Moment! Elephants Rush to Welcome a New Baby Elephant That Has Been Rescued

Elephants are intelligent, caring, and social creatures. When it relates to their kids, these overprotective creatures display selflessness which is not typical of other wild animals. Nothing less was demonstrated in this amazing footage, which once again proves that elephants are superior to humans.

Dok Gaew is a 2 years old orphan elephant that was rescued by volunteers from Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. The small one was afraid and puzzled when the rescuers took him , and the staff was concerned about how other elephants would welcome him. They had no idea how the rest of the group would behave.

The tiny one, on the other hand, was received with love and compassion! The entire herd hurries to greet him screaming from across the yard in one of the most emotional animal videos we’ve ever experienced to see.

The other elephants are rubbing their trunks on him in an attempt to calm him. They seem ecstatic that he’s no longer alone!

The heartbreaking clip proves once again what animals are capable of when it comes to helping those in need. Elephants are tremendously remarkable creatures, recognized for their gentle natures, sensitivity, and kindness. Instead of being uninformed about them, individuals should conduct study on them and learn from them.