A woman hits a wild horse, and the horse decides to take revenge(Video)

Wild horses are stunning creatures, but they should not be handled. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to Assateague Island National Seashore to witness the gorgeous wild horses that roam freely on the 37-mile-long island off the shores of Maryland and Virginia.

But, there are always those who disregard the rules and risk themselves and the horses.

A video of a lady beating a wild horse with a shovel was recently shared on the People of the Ocean City Boardwalk Facebook page. As she approached to him, a bay horse was spotted rummaging about in the woman’s towel, carrying a plastic shovel. After she slapped him on the back with the shovel, the horse retaliated by striking out with both hind hooves.

The horse continued hunting when the lady slumped in the sand. However, a second horse and a baby had joined the first horse and were looking at something on the towel.

According to the signage, visitors are not authorized to touch or get up close to the horses. In contrast, the lady recovered her feet and returned to the horses, shovel in hand.

Watch the video below!