World’s loneliest elephant starts a new life in sanctuary in Cambodia

Wildlife is amazing! As we know, these creatures also have feelings and emotions. Elephants, for example, are very smart and have very good memory. They also try to be in groups, and stay together. But this story is about the world’s loneliest elephant.

Kaavan, called “the world’s loneliest elephant,” got some much-needed companions on his first day at a Cambodian sanctuary. On Monday, he came with Cher, his star buddy.

The Asian elephant has been living in a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, since 1985. Sri Lanka had given him  as a gift. However, since his last buddy passed away, in 2012, the 36-year-old cat has spent most of his time alone.

When word of Kaavan’s story got out, it sparked outcry from animal rights groups and celebrities , who launched a campaign to save him. After years of effort, a Pakistani court approved the elephant’s translocation in May.

What kind of transportation did he use to get to Cambodia? An adult elephant is difficult to carry by air. It has only been attempted a few times before.

Kaavan’s voyage, on the other hand, was described as “uneventful” by Amir Khalil, a vet with the animal welfare organization Four Paws, who added that he “acted like a regular tourist.”

3 female elephants are already placed at the Oddar Meanchey province’s wildlife reserve.

Surely, Kaavan will no longer be alone. “We plan to mate Kaavan with indigenous elephants in order to preserve the genetic fold,” said Neth Pheaktra, deputy environment minister.

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World’s loneliest elephant starts a new life in sanctuary in Cambodia
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